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-=LJC=- ²³apples -=LJC=- ²³apples

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Hey, what is this?

I leave for a while, I come back and LJ Coffee is a famous music producer? ^_^
Seriously man, it's been too long. I've been out doing petty little things, but i'm finally starting to jump back into the music scene!
Back to the topic, this track is bloody incredible. Choppy flow beat, the light "butterfly kisses" the backround pad eminates, and those sliced vocals, jeez. If you've never heard of Prefuse 73, look them up as soon as possible, because this reminded me alot of them, and im SURE you'd like them.
Anyway, yeah man. A great piece from start to finish. Hop on aim, brah. Gotta catch up
~ Johnny-Beat

LJCoffee responds:

Holy beanbags! How've you been man! Been a while since we've spoken - I'm glad to hear that you are getting back into your music - I'll have to remember to check your submission page for new stuff. Prefuse 73 rings a bell - I don't own any of their stuff though - I'll have to go check them out.

I get on AIM every so often - I'm sure I'll catch you on there soon.

Talk to you later.


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THAT was )dxc= fUCKING amazing**) core "e".

i mean, we're both going to be famous as fuck.

i mean, it's an inevitabiliy.

i mean, nice job mate.

you blew me the fuck away.

10/10 that's rare as fuck for me.

~ Johnny Beat

patternapparatus responds:


Uniting Elements (NG Mix) Uniting Elements (NG Mix)

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If you are, then farewell friend.

It's a very nice song...very retro, powerfully unique, almost 80's style, which is very much my taste. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
As for you leaving...
If you have to then you have to, it isn't up to the fans whether or not the stars have to go somewhere else to shine, it's all up to you. I always have loved your musical style and taste, and I'm sure down the line if you continue your career in music you'll definantly hit it big. You've got talent, Psybot, so harness this talent and show others what you've got. Don't remain unplugged to the outlet that is the world, light the fires of other's imaginations with the power and ecstacy that is music. Show them First Level, Rumble, Techno Stage 1, Lightspeed, Madness beep, Moment of Truth. It's in your hands now.
(Hey, give me a ring sometime. AIM: Omeganima, MSN:, or just email me at

Good luck on whatever the world throws at you, and wherever your road leads you.
Psybot old friend, It's been a pleasure.
- Johnny_Beat

Dirty Git Dance Dirty Git Dance

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It was okay

It wasn't bad. Reminded me a little of Fischer Spooner, at the beginning at least.
Definantly not my cup of tea however, only because Funk isn't usually my style nor is distorted drums. And the bass was way too fat, even though it meshed well it still didn't feel like it went well with the song, and when it cuts off at that one part of the song it's too abrupt.
My music is hardly world-class, but it's not bad, that you can be sure of. People don't give GOOD reviews for no reason, in case you didn't realize that. Maybe that giant sun of an ego was what blinded you from that? You haven't gotten any better reviews or downloads than I have, so you really don't have even the slightest inclination of a right to go around dumping on other people's music.
But really, I wouldn't buy a piece of your music if your were Photek, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, DJ Hype, Tiesto, and all the other good music makers combined. Why? Your shitty attitude. I don't give a shit how old you are, you have the attitude of a 15 year old, with no friends and probably no women, playing a computer game. You think music is what you're good at, that it's your own little world where you can trash-talk and down other music makers that try to make stuff. That's like T.O. and NFL - It just doesn't work. How bout trying not to be a complete dicksore and try out humility for a while? Untill then, people will wipe their ass with whatever demo-deal you attain.
Humble yourself and have CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM.
Otherwise, you and your music is less than the dog shit burning on an old man's porch. Mr.Abusive.
Good luck

-=LJC=- Blitz -=LJC=- Blitz

Rated 5 / 5 stars


feels like i took acid in an elevator.

i love the gamey sounds in between the main beat

spooky pads add a nice touch

the fade out was done perfectly.

i like! keep up the good work my friend.

- Johnny_Beat

LJCoffee responds:

Thanks Johnny - Acid in an elevator huh? I'm glad you liked it!

I'll talk to you a bit later!

Acoustic_Chill Acoustic_Chill

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Wow LJ, you did supremely well on that track.
It's a different style for you indeed, and I love it.
This sounds professional. I can't explain what it
is, but the chords you use sound so deep. I'm
flabbergasted and amazed! Sound almost like
Oasis (band). The only thing i SLIGHTLY didn't
like was how the beat cut off near the ending
while the guitar kept strumming. Maybe you
might fade it off instead. GREAT JOB.

You rock up there in tampa. Keep up your work!


LJCoffee responds:

I hear ya - I actually tried it that way - with the beat sort of fading off - actually I faded it out while increasing the reverb but after I listened to it a few times I decided to change it a little - after messing with it for a while and still not liking anything I ultimately just decided to cut the beat out hard at the end like that... Oh well - thanks again - I'll catch you online sometime over the weekend.

Troubled (3min42sec) Troubled (3min42sec)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You certainly deserve more DL's.

How long has it been old friend?
I've been out and about, seemingly
everywhere these days. Going to
beatbox competitions and blowing
them all away...I love my beatboxing,
but I really do want to become a better
music maker. I just need to correctly
learn..."Jump right in" is not my style,
music-wise, I suppose. This song was
especially great! I lovvveee the arps.
Could've used a little more power with
the beat. The clap just didn't do it for
me. This song is very..."conflict"-ish,
and a powerful snare would've been
better than just the clap, at least to me.
Still, it was very very nice. Quite relaxing.
I think it's bullshit when I see cats with
no talent and no skills have more DL's
than you. Well hey, if you're ever in kendall,
give me a jingle. Better yet, get on some
time! Keep it real, Admiral!


AdmiralConquistador responds:

Beatboxing comptetions? You blow everyone away? That's awesome man! Yea dude, I'm in Kendall right now, it's 12/23, so I think I'm gonna give you that ring-a-ding, you owe me a pack of smokes :), but I owe you Reason so you have me beat


ParagonX9 - Chaoz Japan ParagonX9 - Chaoz Japan

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My word! You're back!

Hello! Wow. I hadn't even noticed you had posted till...right now actually. I had a few glasses of wine and I was wanting to listen to Defcon Zero, and I noticed you had posted 2 new songs! I've always wanted to meet you. My music isnt that bad, but yours is indeed supreme. I'd say these days you might have some competition! Psybot seems to be getting some popularity these days, as well as Dimrain47.
Contrarily, being the most renowned artist on new grounds gives you the ability to have more power than the rest. I read what you wrote about how you went into one of those "my music sucks" stages. However, thousands of people have downloaded your tracks. Don't give up hope, you were born for this kind of thing. Maybe in a few years I'll be good, however I have a feeling I'll never be as good as you.
Sorry for the 8 in clarity, the drums sounded kind of fucked up in the beginning before that d n b sounding beat came in. Anyway, I'm a big fan. Do what you do best, I am sure you will be as you always were: a legend. At least on NG AP.
- Johnny_Beat

Remission_Warder Remission_Warder

Rated 5 / 5 stars


LJ! My word friend, it's been a while.
We havn't spoke since you were screwing
around with that BOT of yours : - )
Nice work! Those crazed bongos were a nice
touch of diversity. The song had a sort
of strange yet organized ambient feel to it,
giving it a unique taste. I really enjoyed it.
LJ, lately i've been having some trouble. Well,
actually get online some time and I'll tell
you in person. Stay well my friend!


LJCoffee responds:

Hey Johnny! - I don't currently have anything installed but I'll get AIM back up and running I'll try to catch you over the next few days.

Thanks for the review - a few people have been commenting on the bongos - it's actually a tabla - a similar instrument.

I'll try to catch you online and I hope I can help out - will I need to come down to your neighborhood to help kick someones ass?

Talk to you later...

The Prototype The Prototype

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hello there. Good work.

Hello there. My name's Johnny.
I've been around the Audio Portal a great while.
I'm a friend to a lot of people around, Psybot, Chronamut, Piepie, LJCoffee, Admiral Conquistador, anywho I recently got a message from some dude advertising your music. I like it all alot, techno is definantly your destined path of music (my music is so-so, but really, it sucks XD). I just wanted to get introduced to you and such, and also I was wondering what type of program(s) you use to develop your music in (leaning toward reason...could be wrong?). I like your attitude, and your music speaks volumes about your personality. Contrarily, alot of your music sounds the same (hence the 7 in diversity). Of course, I mean no offense by it, I'm merely suggesting perhaps using different synths, hats, kicks, effects, you know. Also, the BPM of your songs differ but are basically ranging 200+. Perhaps you might think of wandering off into other areas of music? At this point, I'd have to say my favorite music maker on Newgrounds is Psybot. You wield the double-platinums and such, but I have a strange sense he, as you most likely, will go places in the future.

Also - Your name is interesting. But if you want to compose for a living you should probably come up with a "slicker" alias. Perhaps just tweaking certain variables, like vowels (Dym Rayn), you know. I get my name from my famous beatboxing, which I have not yet posted on Newgrounds (I need a decent effing mic! =\ ).

Keep up the good work. You clearly have potential, as such comes naturally to you. Writing comes naturally, so when newgrounds brings up the fictional/memoir/poetry section, you'll bet I'll have some 2 x Platinums! =)

(As for the Cal., I know just what you mean my friend. I'm a junior in my high school, taking 4 AP classes. AP Bio is a bitch...should've choosen Astronomy!)

Whoa then! Seems I've written you an essay. Well, good luck on your music. Say hi sometime, AIM - Omeganima. Perhaps we can swap basic reasoning skills. =D


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